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We Manage Communications and Content of Consumers through SMS, IM, Email and Voice Solutions using our cloud based Messaging Platforms

Modern People with Modern Lifestyles

"Be part of our constantly growing family and help us by becoming a valued building block for our innovative, unique and progressive services."

  • Equal Opportunity Hiring

    Here at New Media Services Philippines (NMS-PH) we care more about ability rather than pure academic achievement. We welcome anyone who can prove his/her quality as part of our team.

  • Strong Company Culture

    We help build lives by constantly reviewing our successes and failures. Through this knowledge we have built a company culture that is both professional and fun, therefore creating a solid bond within the workforce.

  • Forward-Thinking

    A good company is comprised of good employees. NMS-PH encourages our workforce regardless of rank or tenure to give constructive ideas for operations improvement, workplace morale and business development.

  • Knowledge Development

    There are no dead-end jobs in NMS-PH. As long as you are open to learning, we are open to teaching. Our staff is trained in all services as a way to reduce monotony and open other career paths.

  • Harmony in Diversity

    We value diversity and recognize the unique opportunities this opens. We are an all-inclusive company that takes into consideration the rare and remarkable differences of people, genders and beliefs that directly contribute to our growth.

  • Earning and Giving Back

    We not only provide jobs but also work to help the community through our Charitable Organization "NMS Cares" by providing IT programs, sign-language classes, fund-raising and various other activities for the Deaf community.

  • Work Hard, Party Harder

    We understand that not everything is about work and deliverables; which is why we hold various events throughout the year in an effort to relieve employee-stress and increase social interactions within the whole workforce.

  • Comfortable Work Environment

    Working at NMS-PH is a challenging but enjoyable experience. We offer a workplace where superiors are approachable, benefits are fitting, and company events are fun.


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