We encourage the sharing of wisdom and personal experiences from all members of our NMS-PH Family:

I am very happy and thankful to be a part of NMS family! They helped me develop my social skills. I believe that NMS doesn't just give jobs, they provide a lifestyle. I am now able to support my family through my work here at New Media Services.
Jhoanne P. Rivera
I've been with NMS for seven years now. Working here has made me stronger, more confident. You know how they say that you're on the road to success when you find a job you'd do even without pay? I found that job here. Thank you so much NMS!
Rosanna Canilang Leal
Mr. Martin Eyking and Atty. Rafael Nacionales have been great mentors to me. I've also found a second home, a family, in the people I work with.
Ignacio D. Laron
In the five years that I've worked at NMS, I've discovered that it's a very people-oriented company. They value you not only as an employee but as a person. It truly feels good to be needed and valued; that's why I chose to stay and work for NMS.
Christian Noel G. Reyes
Creative & IT
Being with the company for quite a while has given me the opportunity to grow as an individual. The new set of responsibilities continuously given to me helps me hone my skills and abilities. NMS constantly inspires me to become better.
Rudy C. Aspilan Jr.
Product Development
I initially worked as a freelancer then as a fulltime moderator. After lots of long nights and days of shifting schedules, I got a call saying that I was getting transferred to the Product Development Department. I feel very lucky to be part of a company that gives employees the chance to learn and grow in their career.
Christopher Eric C. Castillo
Product Development
Being a manager is a responsibility given to someone who is able to oversee operations and make sure the company's objectives, as well as client demands, are met. I am very thankful to have been given that chance and to be part of a family that is eager to help me grow as a manager and as a person.
Joseph Torres
When I joined NMS as a Customer Service representative, I found it difficult to adjust to the job's demands. But the encouragement I received from the NMS family helped me handle the pressure better and they also taught me how to save for my future. Not all companies care about how their people manage their finances, but NMS does. NMS cares.
Cher R. Lagura